Not So Promising Revenue Shows In HTC’s Financial Reports


As of a recent update from our source, we have come to know that HTC has issued its financial outcomes for the past six-months, including January. And, these do not look favorable at all. When we equated with December 2017, revenue has dropped about 15.3% in total for the company. Whereas, the drop on a twelve-monthly foundation was even larger.

However, HTC’s dropping profits might not be a bombshell for many reasons. For starters, the Taiwanese business has settled a $1.1 billion pact with Google for its copyrights and its Pixel lineup. This would end the ten uninterrupted trimester loss stripe as soon as the Q1 2018 financial fallouts are circulated.

This has confirmed to be around 27% so far. The associated revenue of NT$3.403 billion or if we total it in USD, then it’s about $116.12 million. These stats show a loss of about six-month dropped-down income. And, the Taiwanese company has seen some great decrease.

The market analyst says that the dropped Pixel 2 imports and HTC U11 Eyes take-off in mid-January has upset the sales occurrences. However, the upcoming ventures due In February, Vive Pro and the distinct phone Vive Focus VR will be presented. And, due to the low number of working days, the sales are bound to get hit and drop as well.