New Google Wake-up Command Slowly Rolling-Out!

New Google Wake-up Command Slowly Rolling-Out

On a daily base, Google keeps on changing and shifting. And, that for starters isn’t complain. As of now, it’s the “Hey Google” wake up command is slowly rolling-out to mobiles as well.

At this time, you can use both ‘Ok, Google’ and ‘Hey, Google’ to recruit a voice command with Google Home gadgets. The latter of which, has never worked on the Google cell phones.

But, this made Google think and plan more. And, that’s exactly why it is now rolling-out the capacity to initiate Google Assistant by stating “Hey, Google” as a replacement for of the more unwieldy “Okay, Google” command. Even though, it is not a substantial change, it’s one worth stating, as at least the company is trying.

This new hot-word got first revealed by XDA-Developers in an APK Teardown several days ago. And, the APK teardown is one of the most current updates to the Google Apps from the makers. Consumers who get the update will also get a notification, encouraging them to reinstruct their voices in the Google App to use commands.

Do let us know if you have collected this new update, and which Google phone are you using at the moment.