IPhone X-style Pattern For Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s?

IPhone X-style Pattern For Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s?

A recent source of ours from China has reportedly shared some new spy-leaks from the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 extracts.

Though, there isn’t a huge backgroundfor these photos for now.

As, nothing is official, just rumors. However, what got us interested is that, they supposedly display the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s – a revised version of the bezel-less handset.

Now, that too wouldn’t have made us report it. But again, the design is that of an iPhone X-style model on topmost part.

These reported pictures show that the company might have moved the selfie camera to a more natural spot. This shifting is obviously going to reduce the bottom bezel space. Our supposition is that the, “tusks” near the model are broader.

Thus, leaving more space for icons in the status bar equated to the iPhone.Nonetheless, if the Essential Phone is any sign, Android apps don’t sport greatly with such patterns.

Our thoughts and ideas are for the developers, as they clearly need to carry it, or else the top of the screen is a gone area for any phone.

What do you think? Will such a restructure by Xiaomi turn out to be popular? Or, do you like the classic Mix designed more than the alleged new one?