Insta-Share Printer, Moto Mod Is Unveiled!

Insta-Share Printer, Moto Mod Is Unveiled!

By any chance do you still remember Polaroids? The Digital cameras have pampered us with direct results. However, a few years ago, when this was not the case, you had to take film rolls to be developed. Yes, unless you had a Polaroid camera, you wouldn’t need anything at that time.
Now, you can once again relive those days. We are sure our parents and some others will definitely like what is about to be available. Now, with the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer mod for compatible Motorola phones is offered.
This printer uses ZINK technology and will speedily print out 2 x 3” smudge-impervious photographs. They come with an adhesive back, so you can stick them easily with your fridge or any such surface. And, with that said, there’s nothing preventing you from sharing the same photo on the modern social media platforms. They allow you to post these photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as well.
But, the small catch involved is, that you’ll need one of the Motorola mobiles. And, that too compatible with Moto Mod support. The mod is able to feature a dedicated shutter key, so you can use it to launch the camera app and snap a photo, and then post it.
So, switching to Motorola? Let us know if you are a diehard fan of Polaroid’s? And, if this news is something exciting for the digitally optimized photos with olden day’s cameras?