Google’s Daydream VR is supported By the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 All Colors

As you already know that a few of the pre-ordered Galaxy Note 8 phablets are being shipped nowadays, the main question customers are asking is obvious. Most of them want to know if the Daydream VR support is available on the Galaxy Note 8 or no. Well, we won’t say having this question in mind is out of ordinary, because we do have our reasons. What with being fully equipped with Googles VR platform, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were never compatible during their launch.

So, for very obvious reasons, the crowd wants to know if the situation is same or changed. Only last month did the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ get the Daydream support. But, the grand news hitting all over is that now this will not be repeated. This is because Samsung is learning, and that too very quickly. The brand is shipping Note8 with the Daydream VR functionality now from the starting day at hand. Now, you can sit and relax as you don’t need any software updates at all. The moment you take out your new phablet out of the box, Google’s Daydream VR will be ready to use.

This is officially confirmed by a spokesperson of the Dutch publication NieuweMobiel. But, you do get the choice of choosing from Samsung as always. You get company’s own Gear VR also included. So, now you can choose between both platforms and have all the fun you want. Let us know if you already placed your order, or if you are currently switching platforms in your new Galaxy Note 8?