Europeans €499 For BlackBerry’s Motion!


If you were thinking about BlackBerry, and the new things it has got in store, then here you have what you were looking for! Oh, didn’t we just complicate that for you? Well, just a few hours or so the company has unveiled the Motion. And, guess what?  It has indicated to the Middle East as its opening market and gave no announcement on when the other markets will have hold of it.

However, we were taking our notes since the announcement actually took place. And, it seems, that you are indeed lucky, as we may have a clue at what the fresh handset could price. Yes, as soon as it arises in Europe, and this is, of course, the politeness of Dutch vender Belsimpel, indeed!

All of you, who are interested will get a price chip of €499 for the brand-new mobile. It will have Snapdragon 625-motorized droid, which is €100 lesser than whatever the Keyone actually costed. And, all this is just because the device has unveiled in European region.

Sadly, we know that the chipset hasn’t been enhanced, and thus, the Motion is inactive, and still in the tapping order-phase.

Obviously, this is just an initial pricing state as for now only. And, there is no unfilled stock to back-up, therefore you could very well suppose an improved deal if and when the handset reaches the European territory.