Connecting to free Spotify accounts, and streaming to Bluetooth devices – That’s What Google Home Is Up to!


Google Home is quite busy these days, and why not? Well, if you were thinking that Google will be sitting around and doing nothing, then you were very – very wrong.It would have been quite wrong to wait for opponents like Spotify, Apple and Amazon to change the multimedia market in any way. However, Google is constantly refining and rearranging its deals, facilities and platforms. And, we agree that these hard works have finally paid-out well!

Though, it’s quite late for Google Home to hop-in to the multimedia hub, because of the Amazon Echo being a huge success. But, still it’s quite nice to see that Google Home has started to catch-up with all the new things. The device is now able to support not only its own Play Music service but also free Spotify accounts too! Now this feature is still missing with Amazon’s Alexa and its users are still hoping to get it done in future. We admire Google pulling the strings!

Try testing the features, if you have a Google Home. You will notice that it works just like the Google Play Music Free along with the Pandora application on the gadget. Meaning, you ask for an album, artist or song, along with activity or mood and Spotify will get you the exact thing with a shuffled selection. Though, ads are included in this feature too, but that’s what Spotify actually do – isn’t it?

Just like the Amazon Echo, Google Home can also hop-in with Bluetooth streaming with other devices available nearby. Though, earlier it was not the part of the gadget, but now we know Google has ensured to deliver the possibility. We have heard that the feature appears as, “paired Bluetooth devices” on the Google Home app by some Google Home users. Technically, this is a very good addition and finally Google Home is able to sit among the royals of the multimedia kingdom.

In any case, you will need firmware version 93937 on your Google Home for it to work correctly. We also noticed that support seems to be rising and falling for now, which we think will be great after some time. A few other reports suggested lag in the audio too, but nothing to worry. This was expected to happen in the initial stages, and Google will overcome this in a short period.

As far as we can see it’s just going to take a few more months and the multimedia domain is going to see more different and versatile applications and devices. Maybe, Google and YouTube music will merge to create something like YouGov in the future, well you never know!