Buy One, Get One “Free” Deal For LG Mobiles By T-Mobile


Now you can easily save up-to $500 through T-Mobile’s fresh summer promotion and finish-up with a duo of LG mobiles. In order to get this deal, you must sign-up for an Equipment Installment Plan, which is essentially a two year bender with T-Mobile. It’s going to be kind of a guarantee sign-up stating that you won’t just go running-away to another carrier after grabbing the sets.

Once you get hold of the difference, you can select for an LG G6, which is $20 down in addition to $20 per month, with a total of $500 essentially. Or else an LG V20, which is of $0 down payment, and $20 each month, with a total of $480 technically. At that time, if you add a second line to the said contract, you can get one more phone. The low-priced of the two will be “free”, or entitled for a reimbursement via bill credit on top of the next two years. However, T-Mobile also notifies that it could take up to two billing sets for the bill credit to begin hitting your financial credit.

In spite of everything, the math stabs-out in the close and there is also the reference of a prepaid MasterCard on T-Mobile’s website for more details.Hence, do contact the carrier, and ask for particulars if you like the “free” deal. By all means, don’t forget that it’s a limited time offer and subject to terms and condition by T-Mobile.