A bezel-less phone – Sharp Aquos S2


The Sharp Aquos S2 is a discrete style gadget, regardless of looking like an Essential phone. The establishment has been creating bezel-less phones for some time now. And, due to this others also jumped-in on the trend. Nevertheless, this does show us that how proficiently the S2 is set in unison.


TheAquos S2 has a rear panel, which is held simultaneouslythroughmerelygum, but a lot of machineries on the interior are fixed-up. The whole lot comes-off from each other quite effortlessly. The minute you get over the back section, you’ll only need a heat gun and suction cups for doing in view of that.


The engineers did count-in some extra skills, as the selfie camera simply cuts into the screen. The proximity sensor is also included in the camera. The camera is so jam-packed that we know that the heat gun was used. The LCD screen was very beautifully cut to make some room for the complete assembling of the components. The Aquos S2 has started sales yesterday, though we are still to see one in stores as of yet. Do let us know what you think about this, and are you as eager as us to get your hands on this new creation?