A $400 drop for Sony Xperia XZ in US again, free memory card included additionally!


The Sony Xperia XZ was launched in 2016 carrying with a huge $700 price tag. But, now the price game has changed for the device quite low for starters. There has been a new reduction on the price part for the Sony Xperia XZ.

However, it has happened only in the US as of now. A swift look at the mobile’s Amazon listings disclose that now you can grab a mobile for as low as $399.99. Even though this isn’t the first time the handset has fallen to this flat, the deal comprises a free 64GB microSD card on top.

If you are interested, and in the US now, the price cut, along with the SD card deal is offered only on the blue, black, and silver color sets of the gadget. One-to-one listings recommend only a few units are left behind, so those of you, who are thinking to avail the deal may have to quickly go and buy it!