A $100 discount on The Sony Xperia XZ Premium NOW!!


The power-pack Sony Xperia XZ premium is of $799 currently. Being one heck of a device this phone is an eye-catcher for many. It’s jam-packed with a great performance, Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm’s cutting-edge chipset, plenty of RAM and storage to attract a lot of public. The only thing in the middle of some and the phone is its over-pricing fact.

You can purchase the awesome phone with a discount of $100.00 from Amazon, Best Buy and B&H retailers. The Sony flagship has received this discount within the two months of its debut in the US market with its Deep-sea Black version on the Amazon. Whereas, the Pink and Luminous Chrome version are still with a$799.99 price-tag, but only discounted at the Best Buy retailer.

The US flagship is available with a few limitations, like the fingerprint scanner and CDMA network computability. Thus, Xperia XZ Premium won’t be compatible with Verizon or Sprint due to this lacking.

Let us know if you have bought the Sony Xperia XZ Premium despite the lack of a fingerprint sensor?