6.44M users of Samsung Pay!

6.44M users of Samsung Pay!

As of now Samsung isn’t letting anything hold it back. For starters, Samsung’s in-house payment arrangement, which is called the Samsung Pay is used by 6.44 million individuals. These are the stats as of September 2017. And, this is making it the best, widely held online transaction platform in South Korea region.
The statistics were accumulated by trade tracker WiseApp on Android users for confirmation. However, if we look way-back in September of 2016, this wasn’t the case at all.
The Samsung Pay had only half the users, kind of only 3.22 million at that time. Today, it is way forward of ISP/Paybooc with more than 3.99 million consumers. Whereas, Shinhan Fan has 2.64 million as of now. The fourth best admired payment podium is Toss with 2.2 million managers, and that’s a lot to trust and be popular.
Nevertheless, all the Android users in South Korea are approximately around 37 million, and even though some of them might be using more than one of these platforms for all transaction needs. Around 2,300 South Korean users were involved in the survey, and surveyors did not take in any payment methods that can be cast-off without an app. Here we are talking about the Naver Pay or Kakao Pay apps.
Therefore, in conclusion, Samsung Pay is at present open in 20 countries and mechanisms with maximum of the Samsung devices on the availability. Let us know if you are using Samsung Pay for your transactions? Which device of Samsung is you like the most with this service?