1 Billion Downloads Of Skype!

1 Billion Downloads Of Skype!

Here is something new with Skype finally. What with all the new apps and WhatsApp taking care of all the calling features, Skype did get lost in the hum-drum. It’s been an eventful year for Skype, Microsoft’s messenger altogether though. It has indeed reached the version 8.0, has also added PayPal support and new themes as well. It has also started playing some better apps to boot. Therefore, all that solid exertion has been compensated as the Android app linked the 1 billion downloads bench-mark. And, that is something really pleasant.

The recent stats do show that Skype for Android has hit 100 million downloads in July of 2013. And, then it raised to 500 million downloads formerly in February of 2015 and has stayed to develop faster in the long haul of new apps.
This also has some praise for Microsoft, as it has payed the gigantic $8.5 billion in 2011 to procure Skype from eBay at that time. For appraisal, the Redmond corporation payed $7.9 billion for Nokia’s gadget allotment, and thus we have some news on both. However, what is with new developments, do you think being acquired by a big name is actually paying-off?